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authenticity and signing

As cybercrime continues to rise, businesses face the growing threat of impersonation and falsified information, leading to damaging attacks such as Business Email Compromise (BEC). To combat this, businesses need a system that provides authenticity at scale and budget, is universal, and is scalable.

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Authenticity has been a primary challenge on the internet for years, as evidenced by the dramatic rise of successful Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks and other cybercrimes based on impersonation and falsified information. This crisis will come to a head over the coming years and affect all types of digital information thanks to the accelerating pace of Generative AI. Within the next few months, it will be increasingly easy and affordable to generate "historic records" on demand.

Pictures, video recordings, conference calls, documents, and signatures can all be generated as required by cybercriminals at the time they are being used to attack your organization. Protection against these kinds of attacks is only possible with a system that provides authenticity at scale and budget, is universal, and is scalable. That is why we developed Vereign SEAL.


The Secure Electronic Authenticity Layer (SEAL) protects any kind of digital information against manipulation and provides proof of authenticity in a seamless way across any kind of device, anywhere in the world. Available today for email and documents, the underlying technology is easily applied to any kind of data type. Or you just attach the data to an email protected by SEAL, which also protects all its attachments against manipulation.


For documents, it is also possible to seal each individual document and provide it with a record of authenticity, as well as an easy way to validate any kind of digital signature that may have been on the document at the time of sealing.

You can think of SEAL as an authenticity-protected digital twin of any kind of record. Even when printed, faxed, shared over video conference, or instant messenger, the digital original is always a quick scan of the QR code away and guarantees that no tampering has taken place.

Professional Open Source

The best part? This entire system is available from Vereign as Open Source, can be deployed as SaaS or on premise, and can use commodity systems and storage. Because the time stamping is provided by the blockchain, it is easily proven that records have not been altered. And if deployed for the entire business relevant email flow in a company, it also meets most of the record-keeping and archival requirements without the need to install expensive tamper-proof archival systems.


Ultimately, SEAL also provides a low-barrier, easy to use and inexpensive electronic signature system for daily use: The function of a signature is to document the intent to agree to something, typically a contract. That signature should identify the signatory, it should be clear what the signatory meant to sign, and it should not be possible to alter the signature. SEAL allows doing that, even over email, identifying the users with the same level of confidence as the Advanced Electronic Signature platforms used today.

So instead of using a third-party service, which adds yet another layer of account and identity management with all the dependencies and risks this brings, most agreements can also simply be sent in sealed emails as attachments or even inline text to all the signatories. The signatories can express their agreement in sealed emails to one another, and all parties have reliable documentation of the agreement, including an authenticity-protected copy of the agreement.

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SEAL for email is available as add-ins for Outlook, Office365 and Gmail.

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But it can also be used as a “Virtual Post Office” that registers your email against the blockchain and provides you with the receipt of the digital twin. Just send a copy of an email to: and see what happens.

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