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Simply seal your emails

Re-inventing registered mail with digital provenance for email.

Enhance each email with a digital receipt that is independently verifiable and secured by blockchain.

Peace of mind: digital registered email to protect your communication of relevance and value
Simply register

Each email carries its own verifiable credentials proving with certainty what was sent, when, by whom and where. Each SEAL gives your email evidentiary value far beyond what traditional registered mail can deliver, secured by a distributed ledger that is impossible to falsify.

Verify independently

Every SEAL is universally verifiable on any device, free of charge, and independently of the email platform or third party providers. Prove beyond doubt the origin and integrity of your message and empower others to do the same.

Protect your reputation

No-one is safe against their identity being impersonated for malicious purposes. In these cases the safety of your reputation lies solely in the hands of the receiver. Vereign SEAL creates a protective layer making it easy for your recipients to stay safe from impostors and criminals and allowing you to prove you did everything possible to help them protect themselves. Verifiable and sovereign, simply Vereign.

Vereign SEAL is for you!
Email as a better alternative to traditional registered mail
  • Available when you are. No more opening hours.
  • Works wherever you are, anywhere in the world.
  • Time efficient. No more waiting in line.
  • Affordable. User friendly. Better evidence.
  • Simply seal your emails anywhere, anytime.
Vereign for You
Know what you have sent - whenever and wherever

Distributed work is a reality. Pictures, texts, code, certificates, invoices. Your creativity has no limits.

From now on, you can seal your emails and attachments - timestamped, tamper-proof and verifiable.

Simply seal your Emails!
Vereign for Teams
Building trust together

Protect your reputation, your colleagues and customers from the consequences of phishing and identity theft.

Vereign SEAL can be easily integrated into any environment. External recipients require no training or additional software installation to verify your messages.

Put an end to business email compromise and CEO fraud.

Simply seal your Emails!
How to seal your email in three easy steps:
Step 1
Compose your email

Write your message as usual in your trusted email platform, attach the desired files, and select the recipients.

Step 2
Easily register your email with VEREIGN SEAL

If you have activated Vereign SEAL, you can send your email as usual. The message is automatically sealed, sent and stored in your “Sent” folder – all with one click.

Step 3
Verify any time

Vereign SEAL has attached a QR code to your sealed message, which enables both you and your recipients to verify it. Go to the “Sent” folder and click on the sealed message. The Vereign plug-in will automatically show you the status. The same applies to the recipients who have also activated Vereign SEAL. You can also follow the QR code and you will be informed of the status of the message via a web confirmation app.

Simply. Seal. Emails.
Vereign SEAL vs. Registered Mail

“The actual probative value of registered mail is shockingly low.”

Dr. Felix Greve, lawyer, IT security expert and co-founder of Vereign
Vereign SEAL

With the use of Vereign SEAL, the sender pursues the purpose of being able to prove beyond doubt that the recipient actually received the contents of a specific message.

Registered mail

Registered mail, however, does not deliver this by a long shot. The track record of such mail, which extends across several decades, proves this structural inability.

Comparison of Vereign SEAL and conventional registered mail
Vereign SEAL What is proven? Registered mail
Objectively secured proof that the email text and attachments actually originate from the specified email account and have not been falsified. Sender address/identity Is not verified. There is no guarantee that the sent envelope actually originates from the sender.
The content of the email and all attachments is unchanged and can be verified using Vereign SEAL. Document content Is not checked by the post office. Registered mail only refers to the envelope, which could also be empty.

The only sensible option up to this point: ask independent witnesses to be present, while the contents are being placed in the envelope.
The blockchain-hardened metadata prove that the message content was sent at a specific point in time. Confirmation of dispatch Printed and machine-generated receipt for postage of an envelope with unknown content.
Technical metadata and the transport route to the mail server are blockchain-hardened. Receipt At best, the receipt of the envelope (with unknown content) can be proven by the postman´s testimony.

However, after hundreds, if not thousands of deliveries, the postman must still be certain of a specific delivery – and be ready to testify in court.
VEREIGN SEAL also offers the option of voluntary confirmation on the part of the recipient.

Here, the recipient’s confirmation does not only refer to the envelope; the receipt of the specific message content (email, cover letter and attachments) is also conclusively confirmed.
Special case:
registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt
When registered with a reply slip, the recipient voluntarily confirms receipt with handwritten signature.

But even if the recipient is polite enough to obey the request, the sender will at most receive a confirmation that an envelope has been delivered. Once again, the contents of this envelope remains completely unclear.
Your email and attachments will be archived in an encrypted and tamper-proof distributed file system accessible by the participants of the message only.

The original email (inclusive its attachments) can be easily retrieved by clicking or scanning your QR Code SEAL.
Revision-proof archive
Neither the receipt for postage nor the reply slip of the recipient prove that the content of the letter has been archived in an unmodified form.
What does Vereign SEAL cost?
You + 2

Invite two more users, at no additional cost

Unlimited electronic registered mail, 24/7 support via email

CHF 1 per month
During the introductory period, we are offering this service free of charge.
What you get for your Swiss Franc:
  • Protect your identity and reputation with your personal QR Code SEAL
  • Better and more reliable evidence than registered mail, secured by powerful blockchain technology
  • Privacy by design - only the recipients have access to the emails and attachments you send them
  • Verification of incoming emails is free of charge, just as the installation of our Open Source software
What does Vereign SEAL cost?

From 4 users and more

Enterprise integrations

Partner solutions

Support packages

Just some of the benefits:
  • Protect your identity and reputation with your personal QR Code SEAL
  • Better and more reliable evidence than registered mail, secured by powerful blockchain technology
  • Privacy by design - only the recipients have access to the emails and attachments you send them
  • Verification of incoming emails is free of charge, just as the installation of our Open Source software

Vereign SEAL is easy to integrate into any mail environment.

It is available out of the box for Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft 365 and Gmail via browser extension. Just download the plug-in for Microsoft or Gmail below.

Integration into other platforms available upon request. Get in touch below.