Trust for Email

Prove to your friends and family that your email is genuine and safe.

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Trust for Business

Send authentic emails and signed documents to the people you care about.

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Trust for You

Be true to yourself, be true to others, with Vereign®.

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Keep it real!

Manage your digital self and build your own trusted network.

What is Vereign

Vereign: identity, email and document verification made easy

Our digital world is fake! News, identities, emails, even documents have no trusted badge of authenticity. Until now! Vereign delivers a layer of ownership to your digital identity, email and documents. It works seamlessly with your existing applications, adding a layer of trust and authenticity with minimal effort.

Vereign® for a social fabric of trust



Multi-party e-Signing


End-to-end securing, in-place upgrade across providers


Live address book and social directory, maintained by contacts


Bank and trustee supported, peer-to-peer transfers


Smart-contract-based interaction reward system

How & Who

Digital self

Self-sovereign identity made simple to verify authenticity and provide attribution

Social fabric

Day-to-day interaction derived trusted network driving adoption & utility of use cases


3rd party verification

User control

Federated archive and interaction vault

Peace of mind

Blockchain-secured audit log and personal blackbox


Zero-touch key management

Manage your Identity and personal data using the intuitive Vereign® dashboard


See all your email from multiple accounts in one easy to manage environment

Search your archive to find important documents and emails

Access a full activity log to remind you of what happened when, and by whom

Preview your email, ensuring you always have a copy of the content


Manage your identity using our simple drag and drop interface

Authenticate your data through our trusted federated network


Create multiple profiles for different purposes, business, family, banking, etc…

Other Vereign® users see real-time identity updates on data within shared profiles


Build a trusted network of contacts through the Vereign® network

See real-time updates from other Vereign® users as they manage their own profiles

Establish an authentic and up-to-date address book


Seamlessly integrate with Gmail using your selected profile

Activate Vereign® with Roundcube to complete that open experience

Extend LibreOffice to authenticate your documents too!

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Our Technology

Powered by blockchain and built on IBM OpenPower

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Our Community

We couldn’t do this alone.

We are partnering with like minded developers and data enthusiasts around the world to contribute to the system in order to improve and advance innovation in the industry ethically and openly.

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Keep it real!

Vereign is available to you, so you don’t need to wait, give it a try today.

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