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Use Cases

data spaces use case iconData Spaces

Data drives business in all sectors, and the ability to excel in a data-driven economy will determine future champions. Vereign is developing and maintaining key components of the Gaia-X data ecosystem community. Consult our experts on how to leverage the power of credentials for your business.

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electronic identity use case iconElectronic Identity

Employee records, student identities, and electronic passports. Credentials are the future for eID systems as well as Identity and Access Management (IAM). Vereign is working closely with the Swiss eID community at the federal and local levels and can help prepare your business for the future standard of digital work and identity.

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authenticity and signing use case iconAuthenticity & Signing

Verifiable records have never been easier. Email and documents with protected authenticity, built-in archival compliance, and the easiest signing for most use cases. Vereign SEAL is the user friendly self-verifying credential on any device. Installation free and integrated into Microsoft 365 and Gmail, as well as easily integrated into your use cases.

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Our ecosystem


Web3 Digital Twins

web3twins product icon

Digital twins for your emails and documents with the highest level of security, authenticity and swarm resilience.

Secure data sharing, fraud prevention or dispute resolution. Digital twins serve many use cases. Web3Twins work on any mobile or browser. They are fast, decentralized and global. Each party can hold their own copy, independent of intermediaries and single points of attack.

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Enterprise Identity Vault

vault product iconVault

Verifiable Credential Management for Organizations. The best choice for medium to larger enterprises, as well as custom integrations.

Vault is a complete suite that integrates everything you need to hold, receive, validate, process, and issue Verifiable Credentials using multiple ledgers or methods within an organization. It also comes with the Web3 digital twin factory for email and documents.

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Personal Identity Wallet

vereign wallet product iconWallet

For users to store Verifiable Credentials and authenticity protected email and documents on their phones.

Wallet is the application for your mobile phone to securely connect to a Vault or Node to receive or provide Verifiable Credentials and digital twins as required. Available for iOS and Android.

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