Confidentiality: the state of keeping or being kept secret or private.

Integrity: the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

Actuality: the confidence in the existence of someone or something.

Welcome to Vereign. Authentic Communication through Blockchain Federated Networks.

Our quest is to empower individuals and businesses with a seamless integrated solution through a federated network.

Imagine if you could own your digital identity, a platform where you could choose whom to trust, what they could access and then retract it at any time. Vereign is designed to add a layer of authenticity and security to your day-to-day communication. Re-build your trust, re-establish your own network and re-claim your identity.


We can't do this alone. Our network is built on a united collaboration of customers, partners, associations and projects who all align with our principles and company values.

Our Infrastructure

Powered by blockchain. Vereign will allow the creation of networks governed through authentic communication.

Embracing the advantages of a decentralised network through blockchain, Vereign will end a huge amount of scam and spam. Non authentic messages, contacts, documents and data will easily be identified and blocked. This provides a user friendly solution to businesses and individuals, without the complexity and frustrations of traditional encryption methods.

The team behind Vereign

Vereign stands for Verified and Sovereign

Keep it real!

Our beta product will be launching soon, so if you want to be one of the first to try it out, simply drop us an email. Vereign will be 100% open source, so we need your feedback, energy and passion to help deliver our vision of authentic communication.

Count me in.


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