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Value added email

Power up your email with proof of sending and delivery, message integrity and revision security and protect your reputation from impersonation with easy verification. Build your trusted network of contacts and manage your own digital identity.

Email evolved, with Vereign.

Enhance your email


Control, secure and prove your digital interactions


Email enhanced

Easily send, receive, and keep track of verified emails and attachments. No account required!


A network of trust

Connect your favorite applications and add a layer of protection to your entire address book.


Confidence for customers

Communicate with certainty to your team and customers by connecting your organizational directory to Vereign.

“When I first encountered Vereign, I was immediately convinced that this is exactly what the world needs.”

Peter Gietz, CEO of DAASI International Ltd

Trust your inbox again

Validate and register your messages

With so much junk mail and uncertainty in the digital world, Vereign connects directly to your everyday tools to expose what is real and what is fake, and keep a permanent record and proof of your communication.

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E-Signing & record keeping made easy

Sign and share your documents

Sign, share and verify your sensitive documents with eIDAS/ZertES compliant advanced e-signatures. Track the latest status on Vereign and keep a record for future reference and provability.

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Take back control

Manage your digital identity

With a Vereign account, you can manage your own personal digital identity. Decide who sees what by sharing the right information with the right group of contacts.

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Self-updating address book

Build a network of trusted contacts

Create your trusted network by inviting your contacts to join Vereign from your account dashboard - or they simply verify the QR code in your message to them. Once you are both Vereign users, your profiles will be linked and keep each other updated in the address book.

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Vereign makes IT real

Discover how these tools help you add trust to your digital world, whether you’re an individual or a business.