Professional Open Source. Done right.

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The idea behind our products is simple: Verifiable Credentials stand to change the fabric of the internet and the way we manage and integrate data. The capability to process Verifiable Credentials, the benefits of peer-to-peer identity verified connections, and the rewards of data meshes and data spaces should be universally available, with integrity, security, and professional support.

Open Source and Open Standards are firmly baked into the foundations of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) as two of its defining criteria. As a part of the global Open Source community, our team collaborates with organizations such as the W3C or the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF) and consists of several key contributors to these technologies within the Eclipse Foundation and for Gaia-X.

Our goal is to help facilitate a community to build a universal stack for Verifiable Credentials and Self-Sovereign Identity. This stack will be fully Open Source and Open Standards, and based on collaborative development in a renowned community organization with full transparency and fairness of process. Available with all the necessary professional services, support levels, and ease of mind. Or, in other words:

Professional Open Source. Done Right.

Enterprise Identity Vault


The best choice for medium to larger enterprises, as well as custom integrations.

Vault is a complete suite that integrates everything you need to receive, validate, process, and issue Verifiable Credentials using multiple ledgers or methods, as well as authenticity protected email and documents.

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Sovereign Identity Node


For smaller or medium enterprises, self-hosting, private installations, or simple use cases.

Node is a set of most of the components in the Vault, plus some additional useful services, pre-configured for self-administration with only a carefully chosen set of options exposed to make the use of Verifiable Credentials as easy as possible.

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Personal Identity Wallet


For users to store Verifiable Credentials and authenticity protected email and documents on their phones.

Wallet is the application for your mobile phone to securely connect to a Vault or Node to receive or provide Verifiable Credentials as required. Available for iOS and Android, this wallet is currently the only one to support authenticity protected SEALs.

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