Verifiable Credentials for medium to large enterprises, as well as custom integrations

Deployed on premise, in the cloud, or used as Software as a Service, Vault provides all the components that are required to deploy Verifiable Credentials for any kind of use case.

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Vault is a set of microservices that provide the required functions for the Issuer and Verifier in an SSI ecosystem and also allow your organization to act as the Holder of its own Verifiable Credentials. It also integrates the engine, allowing it to seal the authenticity of email and documents.

Simply put, it can be run in addition to your existing infrastructure, seamlessly providing the capabilities to:

  • Connect to other organizations, automated systems, or wallets;
  • Receive Verifiable Credentials over those connections;
  • Universally Resolve and Verify the credentials, regardless of what DID method, ledger, or network has issued them;
  • Securely Cache the results for efficient handling and faster processing;
  • Regulate access to data by using policies written in REGO, applied by the well-known Open Policy Agent (OPA) and stored in Git as access and author controlled, versioned governance rules for data within your organizations;
  • Queue requests and process them in an orderly fashion by using an integrated worker queue mechanism;
  • Provide access to the data to any kind of system, unit, or user in your organization that has been authorized using the REGO rules above;
  • Integrate this data into your systems, work flows, and business units by means of a robust REST API that protects integrations against changes in the underlying SSI layers;
  • Store Verifiable Credentials that have been issued to your organization;
  • Issue Verifiable Credentials on behalf of your organization, again using REGO to bind the issuance into the business processes as required;
  • Support multiple DID formats and engines by default;
  • Add additional engines for DID methods, ecosystems, and ledgers, as required – without adding complexity to the integration layers above;
  • Authentically SEAL electronic mail and documents for verification, providing cheap and convenient resilience against the threats of Generative AI.

In combination with your existing Identity and Access Management (IAM), Vault can deliver all the capabilities of decentralized IAM with key-based secure sign-in.

Connected to your Mail Transport System, it can also provide you with seamless peer-to-peer encrypted traffic for email, much like a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for each individual partner, customer, agent, or employee would.

Vault can do all this seamlessly, at a fraction of the complexity and cost, with professional support, and at the service level your business requires.

How to use Vault?

You can download the individual components of Vault from our Gitlab and integrate them yourself. More information is available in our Technology section

Or you can use our years of domain expertise to help you understand how Vault can solve the challenges you are currently facing. Our team will also be happy to design a small Proof of Value with you that will allow you to test, quantify, and understand before full deployment.

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