For smaller or medium enterprises, self-hosting, private installations, or simple use cases.

All the crucial parts of Vault pre-configured onto a single image and bundled together with useful added functionality for the perfect self-sovereign companion for Small and Medium Enterprises, as well as individuals and self-hosters. The purpose of Node is to make it easy for SMEs, entrepreneurs, and innovators everywhere to quickly get a full Self-Sovereign Identity node up and running.

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Open Source & Self-Supported

Node can be used productively. But as an Open Source appliance image, it customarily comes without warranties or any assurances beyond the community having done its best to make it behave as expected and wishing you all the best of luck and success. Also, you are invited to contribute back to Node and become part of the self-help community in our community forum and Telegram channel. Please note that we will be assisting you as and when we have time and will always do our best, but we cannot guarantee any kind of response time, or, in fact, any kind of response at all.

Professional Edition

An additional level of quality assurance, regular updates, and fast-paced security patches, as well as professional support with guaranteed support times. These are the benefits available to users of the Professional Edition through the integrated support panel. We are making the Professional Edition available in convenient packages for individuals, families, small enterprises, and medium-sized companies so that everyone has the opportunity to protect their personal and confidential information with a professionally maintained Node.


Node has been designed to run on as small a platform as Raspberry Pi for a small number of users and can be scaled to a few hundred users on a local server. With the OpenPOWER platform your Self-Sovereign Identity node can even run on self-sovereign hardware. But of course, you can also run Node on a virtual server in the cloud or on a container platform of your choice.

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Node is currently under development, and we will first be making it available to a smaller group of users based on an early access list.

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