Vereign is committed to sovereign software, developed collaboratively within an open community

The benefits of software freedom, developed in an Open Source process, and building around Open Standards are well documented. For the user, they include unprecedented control, better security, strategic independence, and the ability to out-innovate competitors using proprietary technology. Developers mostly appreciate the ability to study, verify and improve without the need to ask for permission. At Vereign, we have a long history with Sovereign Software, ultimately dating back to 2006, when our co-founder Georg Greve coined the term for the Internet Governance Forum (IGF).

Self-Sovereign Identity is at the heart of sovereign software.

Without control of our own organizational or personal identity, without reliable and secure authenticity and authentication that works in an open, decentralized and inclusive network, most sovereign software and services are destined to fail. Which is why we started Vereign – the heart of Sovereign – in 2017 to help make Self-Sovereign Identity a reality, and the global default.

As you can see in the commonly accepted Principles of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI), software freedom and Open Standards are indeed an essential requirement for any solution to meet the definition of SSI. Proprietary implementations can and should openly interact and integrate with an SSI ecosystem, but can never meet the actual requirements of SSI itself.


Looking to get involved and find more information? Here are the most important resources:

Our primary source repository, self-hosted in a secure data centre near Zurich, Switzerland.

We use GitLab for source code management, technical issues and coordination, build pipelines, Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) as well as automated Quality Assurance testing.

For some components we maintain upstream repositories based on other Gitlab installations, as well, specifically in Eclipse and Gaia-X. But even those we often synchronize back into our own Gitlab for easier building and integration into our own QA.

Unless you are working very closely with Vereign as one of our employees, partners or customers and have specific reasons why upstream is not possible for you, we always recommend to contribute directly to the upstream repositories and will therefore link to them with preference.

An open community forum where everyone is invited to participate with ideas, questions, community self-help and so on. We maintain this forum as a service to the community at large, and also use it on occasion for communication in particular projects.

The telegram channel is an open discussion forum, which we invite you to participate in. It is probably best for discussions at use case level or general questions, though. Due to its archiving nature, we strongly favour the forum for in depth technical technical discussions.

We also use the decentralized, usually encrypted messaging channel for our internal coordination, and maintain a Community channel on our server to which we are happily inviting you to hop on over and say hi.

Source Code

Looking for the code?

Here are some places to get started:

Organization Credential Manager

Included in [Vault] [Node]

Personal Credential Manager

Included in [Wallet]