Use Cases

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Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) enables a wide range of use cases.

It is the first identity layer to follow the very same design principles responsible for the success of the internet: fully open and transparent, equal access to anyone, open to innovation, robust, multi-path, and fault-tolerant. These properties have won the innovation race each time they have emerged. Which is why Self-Sovereign Identity is bound to replace the fragile and centralized data broker architectures that have dominated, and often plagued, the internet for decades.

The promises of SSI for organizations and individuals include better data integration and control, privacy and security, built-in data protection and compliance, and an ever-growing number of scenarios in which data can generate value for its users and society at large.

In this section, we are listing some common use cases for Self-Sovereign Identity and providing short introductions to what these use cases might mean for your business.

Data Spaces

Data drives business in all sectors, and the ability to excel in a data-driven economy will determine future champions. Vereign is developing and maintaining key components of the Gaia-X data ecosystem community. Consult our experts on how to leverage the power of credentials for your business.

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Electronic Identity

Employee records, student identities, and electronic passports. Credentials are the future for eID systems as well as Identity and Access Management (IAM). Vereign is working closely with the Swiss eID community at the federal and local levels and can help prepare your business for the future standard of digital work and identity.

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Authenticity & Signing

Verifiable records have never been easier. Email and documents with protected authenticity, built-in archival compliance, and the easiest signing for most use cases. Vereign SEAL is the user friendly self-verifying credential on any device. Installation free and integrated into Microsoft 365 and Gmail, as well as easily integrated into your use cases.

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