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We offer a comprehensive range of services to help you with every step of your Self-Sovereign Identity needs. From design and implementation to Quality Assurance and maintenance, we can support you from start to finish and beyond.

Our team has been growing in competency in Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) since 2017 and has profound experience integrating SSI into a variety of use cases and applications, with a focus on business-critical and productivity applications such as email and documents.

During these years, we have built a stack of products and components, all of which are uncompromisingly Open Source. Among other things, we have been responsible for developing the core SSI services for the Gaia-X Federation Services, which we continue to maintain with the community within the Eclipse Foundation.

As stewards of the premier Open Source stack for organizational adoption of Verifiable Credentials by organizations and in professional use cases, we have contributed to Gaia-X at the technical as well as specification levels.

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Don't know where to start? Wondering how the transition to data spaces is going to affect your industry? Not sure how you can leverage that transformation? Need to improve your compliance profile? Looking to reduce exposure to data protection liabilities while growing your business?

- Our team consists of seasoned domain experts with extensive background in various software-defined industries. Our team members have been contributing at a strategic or operational level to a number of well known software companies including but not limited to Google, IBM and Red Hat but also more traditional industries and service providers like Hamburg Süd / Maersk Group, highly regulated payment providers like SumUP just as well as governmental and non-govermental organisations like the European Commission and United Nations.

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No SSI experts on your team at this time? Need practical help integrating SSI functionality into your core products?

- Our quality assurance engineers and developers are ready to support you in adding functionality to your systems in ways that scale and have a clear maintenance path.

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Quality Assurance

Want to ensure that problems are identified before they hit production? Need help with continuous integration and deployment? Wondering how to set up your QA pipeline?

- We have focused on QA from day one. Drawing from one of the most advanced QA engineering communities, the position of automation QA has been one of the first to be filled early on. We’re more than happy to bring this experience to the work we do with you.

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Require professional support for the SSI deployment in your cloud or systems? Want to ensure there is someone on call who knows the stack inside and out? Want to reduce the risk of downtime and data leaks by making sure there is a constant flow of quality assured packages?

- We provide a range of Service Level Agreements (SLA) for professional customers, starting from 8/5/5 and scaling up to 24/7/1, where required.

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Wondering where to start your SSI deployment? Need help in project planning to achieve your internal road map and succeed in your business goals?

- Our management team has decades of experience in planning and executing successful IT projects, some of them in the tens of millions of EUR/USD/CHF. We pride ourselves in delivering on budget, in time, and above specifications for most of our projects and will happily put our experience at your disposal.

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The product stack does almost what you need it to do? You need something entirely new built into the suite of SSI products? You have a great idea for a new business offering based on SSI, but no team to implement it?

- First and foremost, we are a highly integrated and experienced team of senior technologists with SSI domain knowledge who know how to design and implement high quality software using a variety of technologies that will perform well and efficiently. What we build will be tested, integrated, deployed, and supported well.

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Wondering how to deploy a SSI stack into your environment? Lacking experience with some of the components? Need to hook it up to a CI/CD pipeline?

- We eat our own dog food, we practice what we preach, and all our deployments are professionally done using modern system management approaches, with versioned configuration and software that is built in reproducible CI/CD pipelines with integrated Quality Assurance. We’re happy to share this experience with you.

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