Secure Electronic Authenticity Layer

Building on leading Web3 technologies, Vereign SEAL combines decentralised web applications with swarm based data distribution that is highly secure and fully compliant with the strictest data protection requirements.

It eliminates single points of failure and common modes of attack against Organizational infrastructures.

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SEAL apps are resistant against most common attack vectors, yet work without installation on any modern device or browser.

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Web 1.0

- All data processing happens inside organizational infrastructure;

- Web servers dynamically build results into web pages;

- Web pages transmitted as HTML to browser on use device;

- Browser on user device rendering the web page for the user.


- User session subject to attack and capture;

- Web server and database are bottlenecks for scalability;

- Database with all user data must be connected to the internet;

- Web servers and databases provide a large attack surface, making capture of the whole database possible.

Web 2.0

- Computation split between server backend and dynamic / HTML5 frontend;

- HTML5 application deployed to user from web server via HTTP;

- HTML5 application executed on user device;

-Connection maintained between local application and web servers to provide data to application on user device.

Benefits over Web 1.0

- Execution on user device allows for data richer applications with better user experience;

- Web server capacity issues are mitigated somewhat;


- Application can be compromised during deployment;

- User session subject to attack and capture; Web server and database are bottlenecks for scalability;

- Data base with all user data must be connected to the internet;

- Web server and data base provide large attack surface, and capture of whole data base possible.

Vereign SEAL

- All execution taking place on user device;

- HTML5 application deployed as decentralised App (dApp) via IPFS swarm;

- Data for application provided via asynchronous cryptographic container and encrypted fragments via IPFS swarm;

- Authenticity and evidential value of all data secured via hashes on the blockchain.

Benefits over Web 1.0

- Asynchronous data deployment model makes for efficient resource usage at the most convenient time;

- No more web servers to scale;

- No more web servers to compromise;

- No more user database connected to the internet, eliminating many of the possible compliance issues;

- Application well protected against compromise;

- Data protected against compromise;

- Transmission model includes messenger and more;

- Ability to provide evidential value and guaranteed authenticity without trusted intermediary.


- User input to Organization still requires some kind of REST API to accept data.

Application of SEAL to different use cases

Web3 digital twin for Email

Web3 digital twin for Email turns each e-mail into its own verifiable credential that is cryptographically secure, archived in a tamper proof fashion, and provides stronger evidence than traditional registered mail.

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Sending SEALed e-mail is easily done with:

Post offices and trust organizations

Post offices and other trust services providers can easily add Web3 digital twins for Email to their portfolio of services to complement their existing offering. Vereign will be happy to assist you in adding more value to existing customer relationships. The entire digital twin experience can be adapted to different branding, as well as supplemented with additional information, such as Verifiable Credentials and more.

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Want to run your own digital twin factory?

There are many reasons why organizations may want to run their own digital twin factory, starting from providing digital twins with their own branding and integration into custom work flows. Vereign is offering the entire stack with services and support. Please see our Services page for more information.

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Web3 digital twin for documents

Web3 digital twin for documents turns each document into digital original with self-verification page that provides an overview of the electronic signatures on the document and allows to download the document for processing and verification through other means.

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Easy to integrate into any application and service

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Web3 digital twins for documents can be integrated into any application or use case easily. The SEALing service provides a REST API for integration that accepts the document along with information about where to place the QR code in the document – and returns the digital twin back to the application. Available as Software as a Service, the service can be ready to use and integrate within hours. And if you prefer to deploy the service on site, our team will be happy to assist you in that along with a support offering tailored to your needs.

Create your own digital twin

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Looking for digital twins on other digital assets? Our solution can easily be applied to virtually any kind of digital information, e.g. raw data from measurements, log files, traces, records of any kinds.

Going beyond digital twins

Vereign SEAL can be applied to virtually any kind of media type, and can help to build better and more secure solutions wherever multiple parties are involved. Examples for such applications include a decentralised Customer Data Platform (dCDP) and better means of securely sharing personal information.

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