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Working together to take back control

Technology can be a threat to our digital privacy. Whether you’re a business or individual, privacy should be important to you. Be true to yourself and others, together we can make the world a better place.


Your badge of authenticity

Our digital world is fake. Phishing scams, fake documents and stolen identities. Until now, with Vereign.


Real or fake?

Chances are that you or someone within your close circle has fallen for a phishing email. Take our Truth or Scare test to learn how to prevent falling for an email scam.

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Quick and secure

Upload, share and sign your important documents with your contacts. Vereign makes it fast, safe and paper-free.


Trusted Network

You decide what personal data you want to share with whom from your own built and trusted network.

“Email is one of the most powerful tools, and our mission is to greatly enhance it with the advanced solutions available today.”

Georg Greve, Co-Founder, Chairman and Head of Product Development of Vereign

Empower yourself and others

Co-founder, Chairman & Head of Product Development, Georg Greve discusses what drives Vereign.

We should all have the power to choose what happens with our personal data, whom to trust and whom to share it with. We aim to have a positive effect on society and that’s what Vereign is all about.


Vereign makes IT real

Discover how these tools help you add trust to your digital world, whether you’re an individual or a business.