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Upgrade your email

Proof of sending and delivery, integrity and revision security of messages and attachments and certainty about the sender’s address – all from within your existing email client.

End-to-end confidence

A permanent privacy protecting record sealed against the blockchain, created when sending, and verifiable at the other end, you can be sure that an email is from whom it claims to be.


Peace of mind confirmed

Keeping a record that proves you sent an email, sealed permanently on the blockchain, acts as evidence for audits and future reference.


Secure proof of sending

Each message has built-in proof of provenance, secured against the blockchain, giving you an uneditable proof of the sending which is easy to access, should you need to show evidence for this in future.

Need to access an online log of all of your sent emails and documents? Try Vereign for you.


Reassure your recipients

Using the add-in for Outlook or Gmail, recipients can be assured that the email in their inbox came from the address that it appears to be from.

For a fully synced, trusted network of other Vereign contacts, try Vereign for you.


Verify file integrity

Attachments sent via email can be saved in OneDrive or Google Drive and their hashes logged on the blockchain, giving you the peace of mind that they haven’t been tampered with.

Need to sign, send and store documents with full blockchain record? Try Vereign for you.


Easy and convenient

Available as an add-on for Outlook and Gmail, you can continue using the technology you know, with the added power of blockchain based verification and security.

For more plugins, extra features and added support, try Vereign for you.

Install the add-in and get instant verification in your inbox

A world of choice

No account required

The fastest way to start implementing the security of Vereign into your communications. Or open an account for all of Vereign’s features

Web management interface
Add-in for Gmail and Outlook
Easily verify senders
Email sealed and registered
Verify File Integrity
Access your activity history online
Manage your identity
Sign documents and request signatures
Authenticate your emails
Build a trusted network
Multiple communication profiles
Manage your business identity
Business wide verification / protection
Manage your employees identities
eIDAS/ZertES compliance
Designed for B2B and B2C

For Gmail & Outlook

For Individuals

For Business

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Privacy Policy

Vereign for gmail & outlook

Prove & track with Vereign


  • Add ins for Gmail and Outlook
  • Easily verify senders
  • Email sealed and registered
  • Easy revision tracking

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