What is Vereign?

Keep it real! - How can you be sure that an email or document has been sent from the very person it says it is from? How can you protect your ownership across important digital assets? Vereign gives you the tools to build your own trusted network, allowing you to protect yourself, and more importantly, others!

So what is Vereign?
Vereign is a trusted network that ensures all parties are genuine when sending emails and signing documents online. It’s for anyone who would like to trust their email inbox again or have ownership of their important documents. Wouldn’t it be great to be 100% sure that an email or document is being sent from the very person it says it is from?

All members of the Vereign network can send and receive secure emails ensuring they are genuinely from who they say they are from.

Why do I need Vereign?
We hear about identity theft and phishing all too often. Affecting millions of individuals every year, these fraudulent behaviors cost both businesses and consumers millions.

Identity theft is the deliberate gain of an individual’s personally identifiable information (PII) to be used fraudulently – usually used for financial advantage in the form of credit, goods and services – which undoubtedly results in the victim suffering a great loss.

Phishing is a word used for the process in which identity thieves obtain sensitive information such as user names, passwords, credit card details and other sensitive specifics. Thieves usually disguise themselves as a ‘trustworthy’ source via emails and online verification forms.

We’ve all experienced emails that promise the recipient that they have won a cash prize; or it’s their bank verifying their personal information; or even a friend that needs you to ‘open this link immediately!!’ These can all lead to someone fraudulently stealing your personal details.

How does Vereign help stop this from happening?
Vereign authenticates the emails and documents, and verifies that they have arrived from a trusted source. It can separate the real from the fake, and can expose potential viruses and phishing emails.

Vereign helps you to trust that the email, online documents or data has been sent from a trusted, verified contact in your network.

Let’s say you are booking a trip with some colleagues; you need all their passport details and passwords; and they are all in different countries. If you are all signed up to Vereign’s trusted network, you can choose who sees what information in your own trusted network, granting and withdrawing permission to your selected profile whenever you want.

How does it work?
First you create your ‘Vereign’ identity, adding any personal data (for example: email addresses, bank account numbers, travel details) – to Vereign, which is stored securely.

You can then connect Vereign to your Gmail account using the Vereign plugin.

Build up your contacts on the Vereign network; when both parties have activated Vereign, you can authenticate that the email that you have received is genuine, and you can also trust that the destination of your email is trusted and genuine too. It’s that simple!

This also unlocks all the other benefits to using Vereign. Everything has been designed to manage your digital self and build a social fabric with your trusted network.

What are the benefits of using Vereign?

1. Building a trusted network with Vereign Profiles
Separate profiles can be set up for many different scenarios when you want a secure network to send and receive information and documents; for example a social media profile (with all login details), a passport profile for booking travel, banking details, an email profile for business emails and connections, and even a ‘friends’ profile for personal emails – the possibilities are endless.

2. Sending secure and genuine emails
Emails sent between those in your Vereign network are trusted and secure; Vereign helps you to build a trusted network, allowing you to send and receive emails and documents safely. It will assure your Mum that the email really is from you or even their personal bank, avoiding all those ‘is this for real?’ thoughts that we experience all the time, especially if you’re not a tech head.

3. Secure document signing
Documents are often used within transactions, whether business or social. Consistent levels of authenticity are required, and Vereign can provide just that. Users can receive documents where separate ‘sign offs’ by different parties can occur as part of a live workflow, enabling safe and secure verification that both parties are just who they say they are.

And who would like an automatically updating address book?
When using Vereign, you choose which personal details you would like to be assigned to each profile (for example; social, business or even travel). If you send an email to another Vereign user from, for example, your business profile – that Vereign user can only see your business profile details. All profiles are included in your one address book. If you change employers, the details in your business profile can be changed – and all your contacts that have access to this profile will see your changes. How amazing is that!

Keeping it real!
Vereign’s trusted network will make you feel confident that your daily communication is safe and secure.

Over the next few months, Vereign will be adding exciting new features and working with partners to integrate Vereign across the world.

Vereign will change the way you send and receive emails safely, sign online documents securely, communicate with your contacts in confidence – and much, much more.

Joining the Vereign network will make your Gmail inbox a safer place, and will ease the concern of fake and fraudulent emails, phishing and identity theft.

The excitement’s building – sign up now at or find out more from one of the links below….

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