How to send and receive signed documents with Vereign

One of the biggest advantages of using Vereign is the ability to send and receive signed documents. Not only does Vereign sign them, but it will ensure they are authentic. Watch this short video to find out just how easy it is.

Vereign has come up with a solution that adds a layer of trust, authenticity and ownership to your digital identity, email and documents. It is super easy to create your account and the plugin integrates seamlessly with Gmail. Once activated you will be able to build your own trusted network and send and receive authentic emails and documents.

One of the features of Vereign is that you can share and sign documents with your contacts, in a safe and secure way. It doesn’t matter whether you need to sign a rental agreement, an NDA contract or a subscription for a particular service. You can live track whom has signed and whose signature is still pending from multiple accounts in one easy to use Vereign inbox.

Document verification made easy with Vereign. Get started today at