Team Talk

Vereign Team Talk with Ivan Dzheferov

Vereign stands for confidentiality, integrity and actuality. Its mission is to enable you to own your digital identity, a platform where you could choose whom to trust, what they could access and retract it at any time. It is designed to add a layer of authenticity and security to your day-to-day communication: Authentic Communication through Blockchain Federated Networks.

In order to achieve this mission we have a diverse, hardworking and experienced team working behind the scenes. Meet the team behind Vereign with our Team Talks!

Can you share a little of your professional background?
I started my career as a Junior Software Developer back in 2010. Since then, I have had different roles whilst working for various IT Services Companies. I also worked abroad for a while in Mountain View, Dubai and Atlanta as a Software Engineer and Consultant. I then decided to move back to Bulgaria to start my own Consultancy Agency. After a number of years, I left the company to join Vereign because I was ready for a new challenge and wanted to build a product rather than outsourcing everything. In the meantime, I have been involved in numerous non-profits and communities that revolve around IT, start-ups, blockchain and more. This is where I have really grown to become a leader.

Can you describe your role at Vereign?
I am a Community Manager. My job is to have thoughtful and enlightening conversations with our customer base. I try to get them involved in thinking about the right ideas and structure. I also manage a team to communicate and answer these, resulting in a knowledge base of reusable and insightful content. I am also the General Manager of the Bulgarian branch of Vereign. Here I am involved in the management and operations of our Bulgarian subsidiary. As such, I report to the board of the company. As a Community Manager, I am involved in recruiting, HR, administration, finance, supplier management, office management, employer branding, event management and more.

Vereign is all about openness, security and the Open Source community. Can you explain why this is so important to you?
I personally think that it is important to build an infrastructure that we can trust and that at the same time has the ability to be seen by many eyes, can be audited and improved to the highest standards. The community effect is also important for building the software to ensure that the idea will live a life time and it allows us to find usability in ways we have not considered. Open Source is also a gesture of giving back to the community and it holds strong values that resonate well with our brand. It also attracts the best and highly skilled people to work for free on something worthwhile they personally like.

How would others describe you?
Just confirmed with a colleague: A very rare Pokémon!

What is next on your bucket list?
There are a number of things waiting on my bucket list. The ones on top are to travel, cultural enrichment, learning another foreign language and getting my driving licence.

Ivan Dzheferov | Location: Plovdiv, Bulgaria | LinkedIn | Twitter