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Digital sovereignty for everyone

Digital interactions depend on mutual trust. We are a bunch of like-minded people who think that this can be achieved with openness, transparency and decentralised technology.

Our vision is therefore to empower individuals and companies alike by adding a self-sovereign layer of trust and evidential value to their day-to-day communications.

Easily usable for everyone, secure and with privacy-by-design.


We partner with the best

We can't do this alone. We collaborate with the best partners sharing our vision.


Together, we are Vereign

We are an international team with experienced founders of diverse backgrounds. Among us are software visionaries, successful business specialists and experienced advisors from law and IT security. Together we solve complex challenges and make Vereign happen!

Claus H. Bressmer

Chairman & Co-founder

Kalin Canov

Product Manager

Ivan Dzheferov

Community Builder

Valeri Fikov

DevOps Engineer

Rosen Georgiev

Head of QA

Dr. Felix Greve

Chief Operating Officer & Co-founder

Georg C. F. Greve

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

Zdravko Iliev

Lead Frontend Developer

Sasha Ilieva

Senior Frontend Developer

Yordan Kinkov

Backend Developer

Alexey Lunin

Senior Frontend Developer

Georgi Michev

QA Automation Engineer

Lyuben Penkovski

Software Architect

Gonpo Tsering


Boyan Tsolov

Frontend Developer

Giles Vincent

Brand & UI/UX Partner

James Donaldson

CEO, Copperhead (Mobile Security)

Pete Herzog

Security Analyst and Co-founder of the Institute for Security and Open Methodologies

Michael Meeks

Managing Director at Collabora and Vice-Chair of The Document Foundation (LibreOffice)

Hans de Raad

CEO at OpenNovations and Head of ICT committees at DARQA and IsfTeh (Pharma Specialist)

Prof. Dr. Simon Schlauri

Ronzani Schlauri Attorneys

Charles-H. Schulz

Chief Strategy Officer at Vates - Xen Orchestra/XCP-ng

Niibe Yutaka

Chairman, Free Software Initiative Japan and Author of Gnuk (USB Open-Source Crypto Token)

“We invested in Vereign as they are addressing a highly relevant topic of our time (digital identity & secure communication) via a smart and practical solution with a strong team driving it.”

Olaf Hannemann, Co-Founder and CIO at CVVC


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