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Vereign makes IT real

Discover how these tools help you add trust to your digital world, whether you're an individual or a business.

Create your own trusted professional network

Vereign connects to your preferred applications, networks and systems to add a layer of authenticity to your digital communication.

Teams of all sizes use Vereign to send secure business emails, sign sensitive documents and share personal data. It doesn't only protect you, it offers a layer of protection to your customers and employees.

Add a layer of trust and authenticity

Cybercrime becomes smarter, more frequent and difficult to counteract.

Businesses are targeted more often. Vereign adds authenticity and builds a live connection between your real contacts - employees and customers - and the digital world.


Mobile verification

Enable your team to send secure emails.The V-Cards and Vereign empower them to expose the real from the fake, protecting your employees and customers.

Digital Identity

For your team

Employees can manage their professional data, and decide what information they want to share with colleagues and customers.


Professional network

Employees can create their professional network, verify their contacts and efficiently manage their automated address book.

Email Signatures

Business emails

Your team can send authentic internal and external emails with their personalized email signature. Sharing only the personal information they want to share.


Sensitive documents

Sign, share and verify your sensitive business documents with eIDAS/ZertES compliant advanced e-signatures. Employees and customers can track the latest status on Vereign, and access files for future reference.


Click and connect

Vereign works with your preferred applications, such as Gmail, Roundcube, Outlook, Collabora, LibreOffice and more to come.

CHF 5.00

Per team member, per month, billed monthly

Try before you buy - sign up to the individual plan.

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Find out more about Vereign for Individuals

For Business

Authentic communication


  • All the Individual benefits
  • Pay per team member only
  • Manage your business' identity
  • Business-wide protection
  • eIDAS/ZertES compliance
  • Connect to Individual's account
  • 10 GB storage per team member
  • Designed for B2B and B2C
  • Try before you buy available

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