Team Talk

Vereign Team Talk with Viktor Matanski

Vereign stands for confidentiality, integrity and actuality. Its mission is to enable you to own your digital identity, a platform where you could choose whom to trust, what they could access and retract it at any time. It is designed to add a layer of authenticity and security to your day-to-day communication: Authentic Communication through Blockchain Federated Networks.

In order to achieve this mission we have a diverse, hardworking and experienced team working behind the scenes. Meet the team behind Vereign with our Team Talks!

Can you share a little of your professional background?
My initiation of writing computer programmes came at the early age of nine, and my first websites were online four years after that. The real, intense programming started much later however. In 2011 there was an urgent need of filling an information gap in Bulgaria. During this time a personal project was born which became my first successful start-up in 2013. Throughout the years, I had the honour to work with many amazing professionals and people in the fields of web development, boutique mobile applications and big data enterprise solutions. Starting from a home office, going through several other companies and then climbing the corporate ladder has given me great experience in process management, social interaction and integrity as well as actual problem solving. Thinking in a complex way is easy or absolutely everyone. This is the area where people create problems to solutions. However, delivering elegant ways to solve a problem without changing ­­­­­­­the course of action is where the magic lives. At the end of the day, not bleeding edge technologies and perks, but real human virtues bring value to one’s life.

Can you describe your role at Vereign?
I am a Documentation & Research Engineer. My responsibilities are to understand and document in detail the system architecture of the project, research of different technical components and topics for evaluation as well as to provide solutions to challenges the team encounters along the way. I spend half of my time on system architecture and design and the other half of my time I focus on coding and development.

Vereign is all about openness, security and the Open Source community. Can you tell us why this is so important to you?
The rights of freedom and transparency are needed for a good and healthy society. Everyone should be able to express himself in a way which he finds best while working and providing his best for his community. Defending these rights in an open and secure way is something which is needed to pass the test of time.

What’s next on your bucket list?
After laying the foundations of Vereign, my next goal would be to finally finish my dissertation as leaving things unfinished is something that slows us all down.

What is your favourite geeky quote?
“Make Love, Not Warcraft.”

Viktor Matanski | Location: Burgas, Bulgaria | LinkedIn | Twitter