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Vereign Team Talk with Gyuner Zeki

Vereign stands for confidentiality, integrity and actuality. Its mission is to enable you to own your digital identity, a platform where you could choose whom to trust, what they could access and retract it at any time. It is designed to add a layer of authenticity and security to your day-to-day communication: Authentic Communication through Blockchain Federated Networks.

In order to achieve this mission we have a diverse, hardworking and experienced team working behind the scenes. Meet the team behind Vereign with our Team Talks!

Can you share a little of your professional background?
I am a Software Engineer and the co-founder of SuperSecure and DostaviTuk. I have quite some experience in the computer software industry. I started off working as a network engineer and then shifted to the hardware industry. Whilst working as an engineer in the hardware industry, I also gained interest for the software industry. At the time, I got the opportunity to make that shift at work and I ended up establishing the software department for the company. In the meantime, I studied at Plovdiv University Paissi Hilendarski and after graduating I worked as a Software Engineer in Sofia, Bulgaria. A few years later I moved to London where I worked as a software engineer for a gambling company for two years. At this time, I became interested in start-ups and out of the few that I have started, two are still up and running.

Can you describe your role at Vereign?
I am the Head of Support at Vereign. My responsibilities include coordinating the technical team, scrum mastery, documentation, writing specifications and user-stories. I am also here for the team when there are any questions and/or challenges that are non-obvious. Mostly, I make sure to keep the communication flowing between every participant.

Describe yourself in three words:
2. Leader
3. Engineer

What are you passionate about?
Everything about emails catches my interest and I am very passionate about it. That is why it is no coincidence that one of my companies builds email services. It is also one of the reasons why I push so much for the Vereign email signing.

What is your biggest accomplishment?
My biggest accomplishment for Vereign so far is the great environment for collaboration and clarity for our very young team.

What is your favourite geeky quote?
There is nothing scarier than a scared leader, so keep calm and lead by examples!

Gyuner Zeki | Location: Sofia, Bulgaria | LinkedIn | Twitter