Senior Frontend Developer

We are looking for senior frontend developers to join our team. You should have at least six (6) years of software development experience in relevant technologies, experience with web and mobile platforms and good communication skills.

Specifically, we are looking for developers with experience in JavaScript and at least one (1) year of experience in ReactJS.

Candidates with additional experience in smart contracts, blockchain or related technologies will be preferred.

Our backend technology stack currently includes:

  • GoLang
  • Redis, Hyperledger Fabric, dGraph
  • Red Hat
  • Docker, Kubernetes
  • IBM Power Linux Servers

What we consider a plus:

  • Experience with real-time systems with high transactional volume
  • Experience in Hyperledger, Blockchain
  • Experience with Networks
  • Experience with Storage Systems
  • Strong background in security or encryption

Other relevant skills include experience in working with distributed teams, contributions to Open Source projects, intellectual curiosity, participation in peer to peer technologies and community driven technology initiatives.

What we are offering

We are offering the opportunity to work with a great team on a solution that has the potential to change the world for better. A chance to participate in the technologies of the future and – when we succeed – to build your career as part of the initial team that built a platform used by billions of people.

We offer regular, permanent employment for regular salaries. In addition, we have an Employee Share Options Programme (ESOP) in the Swiss holding company, allowing everyone to become a shareholder of Vereign AG in the Cryptovalley in Zug – including the participation in future funding rounds as well as the Capacity Generation Event (CGE) to create the first large network for our solution.

Swiss contracts are made with the Swiss company in Zug. Contracts for EU citizens are by default with our development company Vereign Labs Ltd in Plovdiv although we are planning to open subsidiaries in other countries as well. Some regular presence in Plovdiv will be expected, but as our team is distributed and international, remote work is a normal part of our company culture.

Our Commitments

Our commitment to the world is complete openness, transparency and control: An appliance built from Open Hardware based on the OpenPOWER Foundation and a solution that is 100% Free Software / Open Source.

Our commitment to our customers is a solution with fantastic usability that is secure, technically excellent and following the principles of Swiss quality and first class engineering in all its components.

Our commitment to one another is that we will be a team with great social dynamic, a group of outstanding individuals that aspires to learn from one another, that takes pride it its work, and that is dedicating itself to the task fully, without reservation, and for the next years to come.

About Vereign

Vereign was co-founded in 2017 by Georg C. F. Greve, founding president of the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) and former president and CEO of Kolab Systems AG, Claus Bressmer, an experienced operational manager with deep insights into electronic trading systems, Dr. Felix Greve, a legal counsel whose PhD about the requirements for the state to provide Open Standards has attracted international renown, and Gonpo Tsering, a seasoned entrepreneur and business angel. Establishing its corporate headquarters in the Cryptovalley in Zug, Switzerland, Vereign AG was established in October 2017.

Vereign Labs Ltd was established in December 2017 as a wholly owned subsidiary based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Europe’s oldest continually inhabited city, a gateway for trade between Europe and Asia for millennia, and European Capital of Culture for 2019.

We are an international team of senior technologists, legal experts and business people who have set out to solve the challenges of the token economy by providing a solution that will provide law & notary services, regulatory compliance and unlimited blockchain capacity at guaranteed transaction costs on the basis of an Open system that provides identity and data storage for all users under their own control.

How to apply

Please blow us away in the way you complete some practical examples at HackerRank.

We hope to talk to you soon!

FSFE, Legal, OpenLaw, TeamTalk

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